Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Friday

Thank you for the great comments on my last post about my family history search. I was asked what his relation is to me. Henry Hatton (his stage and pen name) is my GG grandfather. His father was a famous writer, novelist and play write of his day. I have read some of his work but get tired of it quickly. A lot of thee's, thou's and therefore's along with other words not commonly used anymore. I have continued my quest on this project as the mood hits me and every so often something interesting will pop up and make it worth while.

Oh, those nagging questions that have haunted me since March have reared their ugly heads once again. What to stitch? What to stitch? WIPs? Start a new piece? Why am I wasting time trying to decide when I could working on those poor WIPs sitting in my basket? I can hear their pitiful cries of "finish me, finish me". The year is half over with no finished pieces for me to show off so I think I will focus on the WIPs for now and maybe I can knock at least several of them out by year's end.

Each year, we put out several tomato plants and I usually pick another veggie plant or two to try my not so green thumb at but not this year. We just didn't. No real reasons behind the decision. Every year, I grumble to myself about the up keep of the plants but I have missed the bounty of them this season with grocery prices on the rise. Next year, we will re-join the edible gardeners club once again for sure!

We had that major heat wave move through our area of the south about a week ago! Temps close to 100 degrees. It was that humidity that did us in though. Luckily, it didn't stick around too long and after if moved on we had a weekend of awesome temperatures. Friday was pretty cloudy which kept the heat at bay and we only reached 69 degrees. I actually got chilly several times. Saturday and Sunday were equally as nice. A little more sun but tolerable temperatures and very very little humidity! But, it's back again. Ugh.

I wish I had more exciting news to write about. Winning the lottery or a free vacation to Hawaii. Something to perk up these days of summer but this year we are staying buried inside as much as possible to avoid the awful heat. Even my camera doesn't want to come out of hiding from it's cool spot so not alot pictures to share this time around.

Thanks so much for stopping by and not giving up me during this blogging lapse I am having. Until next time, may you have simple (and cool) days and an uncluttered heart.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

History, Magic and More

I haven't forgotten about my poor little pitiful blog. Really, I haven't. It just seems like when I start to get my second wind from the last blast of busy-ness, it starts all over again. More storms, more doctor appointments, more errands. I look at my stitching chair during the day and just sigh. I miss you, dear old comfortable friend.

While my husband was on vacation I decided to use the time to enlist his help in hanging some samplers (which I will show you later). There were things to hang, others to move and generally not a lot of fun for him but I was happy to get the wall caught up. It is in the dining area and I would rather move it into the living area. I have a bigger wall in there and I think there would be more focus on them in there. I have already mentioned switching everything out on the two walls and I got a very stern look from him as walked past me. Other than that, we didn't get a single thing done during his week off. All the ambitious plans we had for his time off just got shoved aside! We decided to call it *age* instead of laziness.

This stitching slump is getting the better of me! I stitch a little then set it down for long periods so I can't really say anything is making enough progress to mention. I decided to clean out and organize my basket and stash. I have 3 WIPs. I really should finish them up because I hate having unfinished pieces sitting around. I can feel their *shame on you* glare even when they are tucked away from sight but I also have 3 that I really want to start on! I have plenty of choices. Let the others sit while I start the new ones. Stitch on the WIPs a little now and then while working in the new pieces. Wait to start the new ones and concentrate on the WIPs. Or, maybe if I close my eyes real tight and click my heels together 3 times...... lol. When I decide, I'll let you know.

This past week, I pulled out my family history to catch up on. Since I have no stitching to share right now, I will share one of my family members.

Henry Hatton was the stage name used by Patrick Henry Cannon. He was born in New York on 12/16/1837 and died in Glen Ridge, New Jersey on December 24, 1922 at the age of 85. In 1845, at the age of 8, he learned some magic from a professional magician whose manager was a friend of Hatton's father. For three years, 1855, 56 & 57, Hatton was a full time professional stage magician travelling mainly around the south. During the same three years, he wrote a series called "Lessons in Magic" in Our Young Folks magazine.

After 1867, Hatton left the stage but his interest in magic remained paramount in his life. For many years he performed as a society entertainer and he always kept abreast of the progress and development of magic. He was an accomplished writer on the subject. For many years he was employed as an author and editor in a prominent publishing house firm in New York City. In 1910, together with Adrian Plate, he wrote "Magician's Tricks: How they are done".

An elite group of magicians used to meet quite informally on Saturday nights after their shows at a very private magic shop called Martinkas, run by two brothers (which still exists today). Slowly this evolved into a notion that an actual magic club night would be a good thing. On May 10, 1903 twenty four men organized the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.). It is the oldest magic organization in the world. Henry Hatton joined the Society of American Magicians in 1901 as Member #21 and was one of the original 24 founders. He served as National President for two terms, 1912-13 and 1913-14.

Thanks for stopping by and for being patient while I get my act together!