Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life Without Pictures

It feels like I have been gone from life much longer than I actually have. What with what seems like almost a month long string of one thing after another, though, I am back! DH, health issues, storms, dealing with insurance adjusters, running errands, yadda yadda yadda.

After my last post I looked at the pictures and thought I should apologize. I was pooped and didn't take the time to edit and crop them so that you could all see the details of the damage. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't finished with us yet. About a week after the power returned there was a line of severe thunderstorms, damaging winds and hail as big as baseballs balls! I had pictures but DH was playing around with my camera one evening and deleted them before they got downloaded to the computer! Bad DH! Those large balls of hail beating on our roof was a scary sound! There were some trees blown down again and a lot of power outages but luckily our power only flickered occasionally. There have been several other storms move through since then that we have watched carefully but luckily no damage or power knocked out.We were extremely lucky to miss the line of 62 tornados that passed through our state. We had some hard heavy winds but nothing like a lot of other people got. Now all eyes are watching another system that is moving in this week. So far, they are saying it should be milder but Mother Nature is a woman and women are prone to changing their minds! I have heard reports that because of all the odd and unusual weather changes, storms like this will become more common. I realize Spring is a big season for storms but these were definitely not our usual type.

The insurance adjuster came out this past weekend to take a look at our roof and damage that the hail caused. We will be getting a new roof and new gutters for the house, a new roof for the storage building and some repairs to the air conditioner unit. This week we have to take the car in for an assessment of damages from the hail.

DH has gone back to work for now but I don't know for how long. The doctor has put a load of restrictions on him and being the worry wart that I am I like to have him nearby so I can jump into action if need be. He has his good days and his bad days. Unfortunately, even his good days are not as good as he would like me to believe. I have made a few changes around the house so that I can be better prepared should (and probably when) any thing like this happens again.

Stitching has just taken a back seat to all the hull-a-balu going on lately. It's in my basket and each night I look at it fondly then slowly drift off for a short nap! I think I will pull it out again later this week after things (hopefully) calm down a bit more.

I felt so bad about being MIA that I spent a better part of the morning catching up on some blog reading! I just wanted to drop in and say hi. Maybe next time I will have some good news, stitching updates and pictures to share. I learned my lesson about downloading pictures immediately! lol. I have been a good girl and not ordered anythhing new all year so far but after this past month, I am thinking it's time for a little Sherry spoiling! *wink*

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your visits and comments always brighten my day!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Long Post and Pictures

Thank you all for your comments of concern for DH. We both appreciated them. He has had several follow up visits with various doctors since coming back home and the news isn't as good as he had hoped. It looks like some changes are in our future.

Unfortunately, this year has not started off with the stitching bang I had planned. According to my list for the year, I should have several finishes behind me by now. Not yet. Does that mean I'm giving up? No way. I just won't have the number of finishes for the year I had hoped for but they will still mean just as much to me. I will continue to get my "fix" by watching the progress of all of your work in blogland. The first part of an old song by Dionne Warwick keeps popping into my head when I see my poor stash sitting on the shelf "Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' Plannin' and dreamin'......" But, life happens.

Earlier in the week, we were hit by that horrible storm that moved through 20 states and left so much destruction. The day before the storm the wind was so strong, we could hardly walk outside in it. It felt like we using all our strength just to get from the house to the car. We came home later that day to see our roof in shambles because of the strong winds. Later that night the storm moved through. It didn't last long but the winds sounded like a freight train rolling through the neighborhood. Power transformers were blowing up all around us lighting up the sky. Trees were falling like dominoes and landing across the roads on power lines pulling them down, on cars, big store signs blowing over, taking out stop lights and well, you get the idea.

Our section of town was hit the hardest and people are comparing this storm to a mini Hurricane Hugo. We were without power for over 50 hours (also water, gas and phone for much of that time) and there were power companies from many eastern states called in to help. It was not unusual to see 15 or more power trucks gathered in a spot working on lines. Sirens were in the air constantly from ambulances, fire trucks and police.

There was no time for stitching during the outage because we stayed busy getting things done before it was time to light the candles and pull out the flashlights for the night. It made me wonder how people managed to find time to make those beautiful and detailed samplers so many years ago.

DH had to make another trip to hospital during the outage because he not been able to use his breathing equipment as required. It was early in the morning before there was any type of outside light to help matters and all I had was a cell phone and a not so bright flashlight. Not the best of conditions but we got him there and luckily they didn't have to keep him overnight. Even a lot of his follow up visits with doctors concerning the previous trip to the hospital were canceled because they also had no power. Once the power came back on, it was touch and go for awhile. A power line pole caught on fire at the top causing a lot of short bursts of power then another black out but only for a short while this time. Once the power was stable we each headed for the item we missed the most. For me, it was the coffee maker. I can drink instant but once I got my first drip coffee maker, I was spoiled so that had been sorely missed and that first cup tasted oh so good!

So for now we have power and our fingers crossed it stays on! After the first 24 hours without power, it stops being an adventure and becomes nothing more than a nuisance. Dull days, I miss you! Thank you for stopping by again!