Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Too Early to Think of a Cute Title!

Sorry about the picture on the last post. The humming birds are definitely not out yet but I am still working on setting up this new computer and transferring some of our pictures over. It takes awhile to do that plus learning a new system is always time consuming too.

One of my very favorite things is the geese flying over our house as they come and go for Fall and Spring. There are a few places in the area where they remain year round residents but I can always count on other flocks to make their trip. They don't land in our yard (which is fine by me) but I do love watching them fly over in formation and hearing their calls announcing their departure and return.

Our weather was just beautiful this weekend! Yesterday was a little on the chilly side in the 50's after having a bright sunny Spring like day on Saturday. DH was home for a long weekend which made it even better! We took a day trip on Saturday to go to a model train store for him plus some other running around he had been wanting to do. He said this next weekend is mine so it will be off to the LNS to drop off some some pieces for framing and search the store for whatever catches my eye!

For some reason I just haven't seen as much from Market this year that I just have to get. There are a few designs I like and plan to order but compared to years past, it is a small number. Have my tastes changed that much or am I feeling a terrible pang of guilt because of all the patterns I already have waiting to be stitched? Just like Edgar, I am finding more older patterns that I want to add to my stash! I definitely need to stock up on some fabrics and threads. This is obviously my year for bigger pieces to stitch! Out of frustration one day while looking through my stash, I thought maybe I should just make a start on EVERYTHING! lol. Now, wouldn't that be a mess!

I will post an update of Marianne soon. As soon as I stop putting off taking the picture! I wake up with the intention of doing it but always get distracted or just don't feel like pulling that big camera bag out. I need to find a smaller camera bag that won't make it seem like such a chore to get out of the closet!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits and comments always make my day brighter!


Margaret said...

It's hard coming up with blog post titles, isn't it? lol! It's nice how you and your DH share your weekends -- one for him, one for her. :D I bet you're looking forward to going to the LNS! We're having snow again here. Another taste of winter after a spring tease. Sigh. The birds seem to think it's spring though -- let's hope they're right!

Siobhan said...

I didn't see too much from Market that I'm desperate to have, either. That's fine, though--I have a nice stash that will keep me busy. ;)

Enjoy your week and that LNS trip!

Susan said...

I agree with everyone else on this market and my wallet is happy! I have need of fabric - usually large pieces as I work on 28ct-32ct fabrics. I have a small piece of a regular 40ct that friend Deb gave me to try - not lakeside as it is woven tighter I've heard.

It was 65* here at 10A so I am not complaining re: weather.

Happy Stitching!

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few pieces from market I'm waiting to get in my store. There are a few I want to start but not a great many I was interested in.

I look forward to seeing another update on Marianne.

mainely stitching said...

Titles ... it gives me the written equivalent of being tongue-tied. ;)

Take care!

Littlebit said...

I have gotten a lot more selective in what I stitch nowadays. It nearly has to be a drop-everything..I would rather put the $ into the supplies to go with what i already have.
I'm no good at titles either..they are usually just off the top of my head!