Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Back!

It's the middle of July already! There are several yearly dates that really measure the passing of the year for me. July 4th always means that the hottest summer months are upon us and that there really isn't that much left of summer. Then Labor Day. Once that holiday is upon us, the remainder of the year just seems to flies by!

Another thing that July reminds me of is Secret Santa exchanges! I've never been much on exchanges but this was the one exchange I used to do each year with the online quilt group I was a part of. Sign ups were always in the early part of July. The quilt group has scattered to the wind and with it, a fun tradition. I loved to open that wrapped box each year (it usually arrived around my birthday) and find so many fun goodies! Some sewing needfuls and often there was a homemade trinket or two along with some chocolate or special coffee! I do miss that fun exchange!

I got a phone call from my doctor earlier this month with the results from my stress test. All is well. No problems and nothing they want to follow up on. Yea! I think I will make a toast to this good news with a nice hot cup of coffee! Next dr. thingy on my calendar is to get a blood test concerning my thyroid level. Fingers crossed it's still normal so that I won't need the meds!

I am sorry that I have been MIA from my blog longer than usual. I was in a stitching funk for awhile with nothing to show then Harold took a week off and we stayed busy.

We enjoyed some fireworks on the 4th then came home to hit the sack only to get up after several hours sleep to call an ambulance for DH once again. What a way to start off his vacation! The doctor diagnosed him and told him it was his decision whether to stay or go home. The episode wasn't super bad but because of certain factors, it could justify an overnighter at the hospital if he chose to do so. I would have felt better if had stayed but he came on home.

On one of our trips out, I picked up a bag of dirt to doctor up my Forsythia bush then I decided that I missed having a small lamp in the kitchen and went hunting for one that would make me happy! Success! I just think a lamp in the kitchen is so cozy!

Other than that, we stayed at home in the comfort of the air conditioning. No trips for us this time. The heat was making it hard to us to do much of anything except an occassional outing to the store, restaurant or window shopping. We enjoyed some quality time together in front of the TV and even ventured out to see a movie but sadly that fell through when the movie was broken and not showing. Other than all this fun, we worked on several repairs around the house but I wasn't a lot of help since my bursitis kicked into my shoulder and was determined to run it's course no matter what I did to calm it down! All in all, I am looking forward to Harold taking some more time off (whenever that may be).

On the down side, our computer has been acting like it wants to crawl into a corner and die. Harold worked on it some and helped to revive it for awhile longer!I have been daydreaming that my fairy godmother tells me to go get a new one! Would I want another desktop or should I join the hip crowd and get a laptop? Actually, I would like to get both but I don't think my fairy godmother is quite that generous! *wink* I have found several (of both types) that I am interested in. Of course, until my daydreams become reality, I will be using this dying dinosaur and just hoping that each time I turn it on, it lives to see another day!

No recent stitching pictures this time since my camera is in the shop. I am supposed to get it back today. I really really miss it! It is good to finally be back able to blog and catch up on reading other blogs (although that will probably take awhile to catch up on).

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits and comments always make my day. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Margaret said...

Nice to see you back, Sherry! Good about your stress test -- bad about poor Harold going to the hospital again! Hope he's better now. Sounds like you two have been having a good relaxing summer. Stay in the ac and enjoy, that's my attitude. lol!

Littlebit said...

Sometimes it just seems like there is something bad for each good thing, doesn't it? I'm glad your stress test came out fine, but I am sorry about your Harold.
Thank goodness for a/c. I honestly don't know what most would do without it. Have a great day, Sherry!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'm so glad your stress test went well - always a relief! Sorry about Harold having to go back to hospital - I hope all is well now.

Sherry said...

glad to see your snippet on my blog list...good to hear you're doing well. I hope Harold continues to do okay. Enjoy the rest of summer - stay cool!

Vonna said...

Hi there Sherry! I've been wondering about you ;o)
You had a busy summer so far and I thing that "at home" times are just as special as "on the go" times. Glad that Harold is on the mend, that your stess test is a-ok and that your stitching is back "on track"! LOL!

Carolyn NC said...

I'm with you - I want both, too. I really like a desktop for home and storage, etc. But I'd like to have the convenience of a laptop, too. Glad you're doing well and hope you don't need the meds. :)