Tuesday, June 01, 2010

After the Long Weekend

Since life has been dull around here lately, there hasn't been as much to write about so my posts have been fewer and farther between. The biggest excitement recently has been a check up at the doctor. No big problems or worries. Just one of those regular visits so he can keep tabs on how I am adjusting to all the aches and pains that come with old age! I think I passed the test! Since I casually mentioned to him that I had been having some chest pains he decided to do an EKG and a chest xray. Both were clear and good. He is setting me up for a stress test but feels it will turn out alright as well. He just wants to play it safe since I am having these chest pains while sitting still and doing nothing. He feels it is very likely scar tissue caused from my smoking days (which, by the way, are still a nothing more than a memory).

Every time I go pull out my stash to find my new start, I hear Independent Mind by CHS calling my name to come put a few stitches in! Still bored, yes but the prodding is helping me to make progress! I can't knock that. I will show a picture next post. I changed the chimneys and door color to red along with the center of the flowers. Now I have my red fix. I have the right side of the alphabet, the rest of the house, the date of finishing and the bottom design to complete! I am really pushing myself on this one since I am doing it in memory of my aunt. I hate the thought of letting it sit unfinished and unattended for months like so many others I have started then put down.

When I go through my stash for a new start I always get these feelings of being unfaithful to all the others that don't get picked! Especially if they have been in the stash bin longer than the new start. Does that ever happen to you? Just like with your children, you know you love them all the same but you also know that you may show favoritism occasionally without really meaning to.

Harold was off for several extra days over the holiday weekend. A day trip would have been lovely but we chose to stay around the house and I am so glad we did because on Saturday the mail brought me a wonderful surprise from Edgar! Yes, I now have a frog! A beautiful, scissor loving frog! When Harold pulled the package out of the mailbox, he gave me a "shame on you" look and said "Sherry, what did you go and order?" I promised him I had ordered nothing -- yet and finally convinced him to hand over the package so I could see the return address. I was thrilled to see Edgar's name because I knew it was going to be something really fun and special! Of course, as I squealed over it, Harold looked at it like it was some puzzle to be figured out. lol. Thank you again so much, dear friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Margaret said...

You take it easy! That's scary having chest pains! I'm glad the doctor is checking things out to make sure you're ok. Wonderful package from Edgar! He's a sweetheart!

Peggy Lee said...

Hi Sherry! I enjoy your blog but don't comment much. I know what you mean about feeling like you are neglecting the other "children". I was just going through my stash last night with the same guilt!
Edgar is a sweetheart, I agree.
Take care of yourself.

Jennifer said...

Love your new scissor frog! You'll love it!
Now, on to buying some new scissors, right? ;)


Jules said...

Your scissor frog is sparkly! LOL

Hope all goes well with the stress test.

Deb said...

Congrats on the new flower frog. That was wonderful that Edgar sent it to you. Take care of yourself - those chest pains sound scary - glad that the doctor has you under his watchful eye.

Karen said...

What a great treat to receive!

Littlebit said...

I'm so glad your other tests came out good, Sherry! I saw the flower/scissor frog and couldn't wait to read about it..how sweet of Edgar.

Sherry said...

to sherry from sherry...

What a nice surprise from Edgar! Love your blog...take care of yourself! Sounds like you're stepping in the right direction.

I certainly can relate to your feelings of working on new things when the old ones are discarded into a probject bag or stuffed in a drawer...but then again, new projects just have some kind of pull on our hearts.

Julie M said...

What a lovely gift from Edgar.

Glad your test results were okay but that is sure scary to be having chest pains.

Take care!

Carolyn NC said...

Glad your tests came out ok! Love the scissor frog, too!

Siobhan said...

I'm glad that you got the all clear from the doctor. Take care of yourself!! Wonderful package from Edgar. :)

Ranae said...

Nice frog!
Hope you are feeling better,
Take Care!

Gretchen said...


I bought a big box of sewing items last week at an antique store. In it were all colors of embroidery floss. I immediately thought of you.

If you would like to have it, I would be glad to mail it to you. Just e-mail me at gardner26@bellsouth.net.

Glad to hear that your tests have gone well.