Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Goals and Such

I can't believe it's September already! Harold and I have already celebrated an anniversary and his birthday this month! I have always felt that once the September calendar goes up, it seems like a flash and then the holidays are here!

This past week while DH was home with me, life had finally seemed to slow down a bit and I had time to think a bit more clearly. I thought about some of my goals. Not necessarily short term goals - just goals in general for the remainder of 2009 and probably on in the next year. Since I am a major list maker for any and everything, I pulled out my notepad and pen to start jotting them down. Here are a few of the things I have listed so far.

1. On the gardening front, I want to join the two existing islands to make one big island. This will not be done until after my surgery and I get the thumbs up from my doctor to do some heavy labor. (I will do this with some weed fabric and lots of bark chips) plus re- mulch some areas in the existing islands. I brought home some cuttings of plants from my Dad's yard and I am thrilled to announce that after unsure anticipation, several have new growth and will hopefully make it through the upcoming winter months! There are still several others that haven;t shown any signs of life yet but I still have hope for them. Dad's memorial stepping stone arrived yesterday and it looks beautiful in it's new setting. I, also, wanted to share a photo of my new birdbath for the garden that came from my Dad's yard. The smaller birds just love it!

2. Get busy with my stitching! I know I will find a good many new charts coming out from the show this month that I will want but I need to make myself get more serious about what I have on hand before going too ga-ga but it's just so very very hard! I have several WIPs that I really want to finish up but those new starts keep calling my name! I am hoping to have some stitching progress to show off very soon!

3. Frame up some of my finished pieces and start hanging my work! This is a must!

4. I really need to get my pictures in some kind of order! I would like to use some of my scrapbooking mini albums and do some theme albums such as one or two for Dad, one for our trips and so on.

5. Do at least one repair, make-over, clean out (such as a closet or dresser) or fix-up to the house per month. Some of the items on the house list are small and won't take long or much money. They just need to be started. After being in a house 20 years, a lot of things tend to fall apart all at once! So goes life as a homeowner.

6. Make a trip by the fabric store and pick up some more calicos, pull out several appropriate quilt patterns and get busy!

Like I said before, these are just a few of the things I listed! I certainly don't want to overwhelm myself. After all, there are 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 365 day or 52 weeks in a year. I have time.

What makes a house feel homey to you? For me it's quilts, cross stitch or needlework samplers, folkart collections, wooden bowls, stoneware mixing bowls, crocheted doilies, soft lamps lighting a room and anything old or distressed. I guess Harold and I fit in perfectly! LOL.

That's about all for today! Thank you stopping by to see me again! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Michelle said...

Your goal list is wonderful. And I agree with you on what makes a house feel homey.

Margaret said...

You're so funny -- old and distressed! lol! Great list! Yes, 20 years in a house allows for great accumulations of stuff, doesn't it? We've been in our house 15 years and we're overwhelmed by stuff! Quilts and cross stitch -- both musts! :D

Jan said...

I admire your goal list, I hope you get each and everything done that you aspire too. At least the important things for sure!!

Yes, that is what makes a house a home.:)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

what a great to-do list! I absolutely love and agree with the things that you think make a house a home.

Siobhan said...

I enjoyed reading your goal list! Best of luck in achieving those goals.

What makes a house a home to me are, of course, the people in it, but also samplers, folk art, books, pottery, baskets, anything home made.

Maren said...

That really is kind of funny. The women in my family come from a long line of list makers. You obviously do, too, because your list is one that would make us proud! :) This house we bought hasn't been lived in for 9 years. I started to make a list of what needed to be done, and then stopped. It was too depressing! lol, oh well. We're going to wait until we've got the place paid off in January before we pour a bunch of money into it. What I'll likely focus on is number 3 and 4 for your list. Good luck with your surgery and your list!

Kathryn said...

I hope you have the time and energy for all your goals. They are worthy.

But at the risk of being totally contrarian, a house filled with books (overflowing with books) and art (especially avant garde art, especially photography) and clean mid-century modern furniture speaks to me. I sometimes forget how odd our art is until someone new visits the house. The birdheaded woman and the coatimundi made of leather and nails make me smile.

Kit said...

That is a great goal list!

Carol said...

Great list of goals, Sherry! I really think the clean-up of one area a month would be a great one for me, too. There are days when I fear for my life when I open my linen closet!!

Oh and for me, if a house doesn't have books in it, it just doesn't feel like a home!

Jennifer said...

I like your list, wish I could stick to my list....LOL

Yes, being the homey person that I am I like things that are old. Anything old is better than new to me. I love quilts and stitching pieces to put around the house. I like my house to look "lived in"
Sometimes I realize that I have too much stuff.