Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last year, we bought a new Jeep that I absolutely LOVED! I looked for any excuse to jump in and go for a ride! Then about 4 months later, DH pulled the plug on me and traded it for a truck! UGH! I hated it with a passion but I didn't fuss because he had wanted a truck since we first got married and now he had one but my heart still ached for the Jeep. About a month ago, he decided that he wanted to trade for something that got better gas mileage! Ah Ha! Opportunity knocks! I began planting ideas about how great our Jeep had been. Guess what we have sitting in the driveway again? Yep, another Jeep and it is 99% identical to the first one! How cool is that! And I am happy to go riding around again.

I am on the first week of the non smoking aid once again and right on schedule. If it works as it should (and has in the past), Sunday will be my first smoke free day! I am trying to recreate as much as possible so I can have the same (actually even better) results. I really admire those that can just put the cigarettes down, quit cold turkey and never smoke again. We have tried quitting that way without success. It's obvious to us both that our will power is weak and we need help in doing this. Even though this is my third time on the non smoking aid, I refuse to admit failure! This will be my year!

As a present to help give me incentive to quit smoking and keep my hands busy, DH told me to order some stitching fabrics so I will have plenty to work with. I am not only determined to quit smoking but to get that wall of samplers finally in movement!

I have narrowed my list down to these for starting choices (and in no particular order). I will probably just pick and choose as I go. Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe works good too! LOL!

1. Good Things
2. Beyond My Heart
3. Where My Heart Blooms
4. Love Thy Neighbor
5. Home of a Needleworker (too)
6. Awake the Dawning Day

Friday, August 08, 2008

Stitching and Doctors

The new JCS looks like a great edition with all those yummy Halloween stitches! If my subscription doesn't kick in on time for the mailman to bring me this issue, I will definitely have to go by the bookstore to pick it up!

One of my orders arrived yesterday with 3 Christmas charts - Believe by Dames of the Needle, Joy to the World by Shepard's Bush and Wish by Shepard's Bush. I am still waiting on order #2 with several charts I am very anxious to get my hands on!

I have gotten a lot more stitching done on my Christmas piece! I still need to finish up the rest of the green on the ornament, the remaining white and the last of the red. I am hoping to finish it up by the end of the weekend so I can pick up Willow Tree Sampler next week to resume working on but the bursitis in my shoulder has been acting up which makes it hard to stitch for long periods of time. The Christmas piece may not be finished now until the first part of next week! Those aches and pains that accompany getting older can really put a damper on life in general! LOL!

Still pretty dull around here. A doctor appointment for me today which is ok cause it's only lab work for my thyroid level. I am keeping my fingers crossed the results are still at a normal level and medication is still not required. I am only going in for thyroid checks twice a year now instead of every month which is a lot easier on me!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just the Basics

AGH! The power was out this morning when I got up. Obviously it was going on and off all night then just finally stayed off in the wee morning hours! No coffee!!! And I will NOT drink instant! Besides I would have needed the stove or microwave to heat up the water good and hot for it! It's amazing how dark the house is early in the morning even with the sun being up! I still had to use a flashlight!

Finally about an hour after I had started stirring around and I was outside, I heard the whirring sound of power in the house! YEA! First things first. I fixed a pot of coffee, turned on the computer then after I did the important things I did the other chores! LOL!

I began a new start last night! A pretty and very simple Christmas design that will make a wonderful pillow! At last! My very first "all for me" Christmas stitch! It hasn't gotten far enough along to post a picture of my progress but maybe tomorrow!

The past two posts have been rather long so I will keep this one on the short side! No pictures. No lists! LOL!
Everyone have a GREAT day!