Monday, May 24, 2010

Dull Days, Dull Nights

It was a quite and dull weekend again. Yea! I could get used to these real fast! There was no major stitching done over the weekend. Naturally, grocery shopping and a few other errands took their place on the priority ladder along with getting my hair trimmed up and a nice drive up towards the mountains. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best weather for a day trip. Lots and lots of rain then my camera battery konked out after the first picture so I will share a picture from a past trip to the mountains. I had a bursitis flare up in my shoulder then my other shoulder which made it difficult to stitch for long periods!

After the weekend, I got back on track - sort of. Cleaning, laundry and of course, some stitching. I am really trying to stay true to Independent Mind but my mind keeps wondering. Since I am so close to the end, I decided that maybe I could go ahead with one of my new starts. A smaller one that won't make me forget about my obligation to IM. If I give IM a week or two a month, I should still be able to finish up pretty soon and still be able to chase away the boredom blahs with my new start!

I realize I had already said that I had two new starts picked out but since I didn't announce them yet I felt they weren't written in stone! After doing some early morning stitching on IM I took the latter part of the day to play around with my stash. Maybe I shouldn't have done that because after doing some counting I found out that I have 82 kitted charts and 32 still waiting to be kitted plus another 4 WIPs that have been put on hold! How depressing is that! And where on earth will I put them all (meaning of course that I actually get them all done!). Once I have knocked out a good chunk of my new start I will announce it and share a photo!

I wish I had some more exciting news to share but oh, that's right - I am happy with my dull life for now! Maybe excitement will be for later! Thanks for stopping by again. Your comments and visits always make my day! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Time No See!

I wish I had a lot of news to share but alas it has been dull around here lately. Actually, I'm not complaining though because many of you have read my motto that "dull is good". Mother's Day was quite which was also good. Harold and I went out for a bit. He wanted to get some tomato plants to put out (but I will end up doing it and tending to them)! I have been wanting a nice herb garden. Maybe next year. I want to get speciality herbs. Especially mints but I also like dill, lavender, thyme and parsley. Later in the day he decided to take me out to eat. Maybe because I told him I wasn't going to cook and he could make a sandwich! lol. Every restaurant was super crowded or getting ready to close early. We finally ended up going to our favorite Mexican place. Beans and rice will really fill you up quickly!

I took a stitching break for several days. Yes, my hands were bothering me a bit but mainly because I am just getting really bored with working on Independent Mind. I keep telling myself what a treasure I will have, not to give up and to keep on plugging way since I am so close to the end! As much as I want a new start, I refuse to give up on IM now because this is definitely a special piece for me since it being stitched in my Aunt's memory. I will say though that this will be the last big piece I do for a good while! I hope to have another progress picture to share next time I post.

Flowers and bushes are blooming in our yard! I am hoping to take a few days in the near future and begin sorting out some family history pages. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me again! Your visits and comments always make my day! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nearing the Finish Line

I am still tugging along on Independent Mind. I have been trying to put in a minimum of several letters a day on it but over the past few days I had a nice boost of stitching energy and finished up page 3 of the design! One more page to go and it isn't even a full page! I have decided that when I finish stitching this chart it will be put up for trade. There are still so many that I still want! When I finish up, I will make an announcement and post the list of designs I am interested in for a trade. The picture didn't turn out as crisp and clear as I would have liked.

Good news. I have narrowed down my choices for my next new start! I am really torn between the two nominated picks so I may do something I haven't attempted in awhile and just start both of them! I will save the actual announcements for later. One I have been wanting do while I totally forgot I even had the other and was thrilled to find it hidden among my stash waiting to be stitched! Both are kitted up and waiting to get started.

More good news! I had several charts ordered at my LNS. One finally came in and arrived in my mailbox shortly after. Unfortunately they could not find Adam and Eve by City Stitcher for me because it seems to be discontinued so they sent me a gift certificate instead. That's fine by me. I do like gift certificates and store credits! Maybe I will hang on to it for a pair of scissors!

The weather has been nice but I have been staying indoors which is unusual for me in the Spring. Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits and comments always brighten my days! Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.