Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad Blogger

It seems like it has been awhile since I posted anything on my blog. Shame on me but sometimes life just gets in the way!

Very little stitching for me over the weekend. We stayed busy during the days and since my stitching lamp is still broken, it was next to impossible to do any stitching in the darker hours. I needed a break anyway. My hands are fine. As much as I love the current WIP, I am just starting to feel tired of it. It seems to be dragging on a little more than I had planned. Of course, I had originally planned to make this piece be a year long project. I missed getting it finished in time for the framing sale so I don't feel as pushed to finish it off so quickly now. I just want to do something with more rich reds and greens and mustard yellows! Something with my color pallet ! On the other hand, I am over half way finished so I hate to set it down in fear it will become a UFO! Talk about being torn in two different directions at once!

*update* My very smart and very sweet husband fixed my stitching lamp so I am good to go now!

Yippy Dippy Doodle! I have over 100 followers now! How fun is that! That's not really a lot compared to some other blogs I read but for little ol' me, it's fantastic!

I went by the library and picked up the quilt book they had on hold for me. It is an older Thimbleberries book and I used to have it but a lot of my quilting books went missing mysteriously and I wonder if someone packed them up in a box that was being sent to Goodwill! Anywho, I have the book on loan for a few weeks and can get the measurements I need to get started. They are waiting for another book to be returned and they will hold it for me also. Sure beats having to buy them!

The past several days have been very rainy and we have even had some very loud thunderstorms! Thankfully, no heavy winds or hail along with them.

It has been so much fun to go outside this past week because the air has been full of the sounds of baby birds chirping up a storm for some attention and food! I was thrilled to discover that the bluebirds who I thought had abandoned the nest they were building in our bluebird house really didn't! There is a whole family of little baby blues in there just making all kinds of sweet noise!

Be sure to read the April 18th post and sign up for the giveaway! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits and comments always brighten my days. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slow and Steady

Here is a progress picture of Independent Mind. I finished off another section yesterday afternoon. I haven't been able to stitch as much as I would like in the evening since the wall lamp that I use as my stitching light broke. I hope to find one to replace it very soon.

Our local library called to let me know that a quilting book (with a pattern that I love) was recently returned so they are holding it for me to come pick up. I will probably do that today!

Be sure to read the April 18th post and sign up for the giveaway!

This is a short post with not alot of exciting news but I am happy if things roll along nice and steady. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! Your comments mean the world to me! Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning

Our weekend was going to be full of our usual errands and running around but somehow we got off schedule and nothing much was accomplished on day 1. It wasn't a total waste though because I picked up several quilting magazines, JCS came in the mail along with one of my backordered designs (Seek Joy in Everything by NFF).

There was no stitching over the weekend as I decided my hands deserved a break (especially when I noticed some minor swelling). I am farther along than I had anticipated on Independent Mind so I don't feel bad about taking a little time away from it. I did get my sewing machine set up along with my cutting board set in place. I found some older cut triangles in a bag and decided to sew a few together.

A trip to the fabric store was in order for the second weekend in a row! For now I am working on collecting fabrics for several quilt tops I have in mind.

I played around on my blog again moving the new quilting blogs to their very own section. Just scroll on down to see it. Of course many of the gals in the Stitchers Plus section do quilting, knitting, rug hooking and more. That's what the Plus stands for! Stitching plus more. Wasn't that an interesting piece of trivia for the day! lol.

After the storms we had on Thursday night, the weather has cooled back down to normal Spring temperatures and the pollen was washed away! I have never never seen it so bad. You see it coming off the trees like thick smoke!

By now I have usually gotten outside with my sleeves pulled up working in the yard. Cleaning up from the winter months and making everything look somewhat better for the warmer months. I haven't done it yet. I know I need to get it done before the really hot months are upon us but for some reason, this year I am happy to stay inside with my stitching, various crafting magazines and my sewing machine!

Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday to my youngest who turns 24 today! Thank you so much for stopping by. Your visits and comments mean the world to me! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Long Winded

It was a busy Easter weekend since DH took some extra time off but I don't know how much is actually news worthy. We took care of a few errands, some yard work, poured over our to do list and discussed our attack plan for some of the items on it then we both took time to play around with our hobbies. I love to look at the sun through Harold's solar telescope. This picture doesn't do the sun justice as it was blood red this day.

As I mentioned on my last post, I have been working A Mind Independent and Free by CHS. Once I got past that divider, it has been smooth sailing! I am stitching this piece in memory of my dear Aunt Robbie. The saying reminds me so much of her and I think of her each time I pick it up to work on. I am hoping to get this piece finished up this month in time for the framing sale at my LNS. I was able to complete what I call section 2 this weekend. It is getting too big now to photograph the entire piece with good clarity so I will post section progress photos until completed.

When I went to pick up Thankful Wheeler, I had to shop! Forget that stash diet and all the good intentions I had! lol. I picked up the latest Loose Feathers (Winter Wonderland) by BBD and have several charts on order. After I got home, I called my ONS to see if my backordered fabric had come it yet. Nope, it is still taking it's own sweet time so I will wait patiently but I couldn't leave there empty handed either so I ordered Autumn@HRH by CHS. Did I say I would wait patiently on the backordered fabric? My mistake! I am not a patient person. I know I have plenty for now but I have this deep seated fear that it will all vanish if I look away for too long thus I keep my stash stocked up so that doesn't happen!

I realized I was in need of some DMC colors which was a good excuse to also stop by the fabric store for stitching fabrics and while there, I also picked up some other fabrics. Maybe these will give me the incentive I need to set my sewing machine back up and and start on some on some quilt tops!

I also decided to subscribe to Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. I have wanted to subscribe to this magazine for quite awhile! There is no time like the present!

So much for my long winded post! Thank you again for stopping by! Your visits and comments always make my day! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Adding to my Dream

For years my decorating dream has been to have a home with piles of quilts on the beds and oodles of stitched samplers adorning every wall. Just the thought of picturing this in my mind makes me go weak in the knees! With my last framed pieces, I began to see part of this dream taking shape. And now I have another framed piece to hang! Thankful Wheeler came home to stay yesterday!

Look at the detail on this frame. It has a very old, wood eaten look to eat. Just perfect for this piece!

I am working on Independent Mind right now. I finished up the divider and I am loving stitching on it now! I will have a progress photo next post for you all to see.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! Your comments always mean so much to me! Once again, have a wonderful Easter weekend!