Friday, June 25, 2021


 I hate hospital beds! I just got home from a short stay in the hospital. It was an unexpected and scary trip that turned out to be a mystery to even the doctors. Thank goodness it was nothing serious and just "one of those things" that happen occasionally. They only kept me for several days but it felt like several weeks. You never get much rest in the hospital! LOL.  I sure was glad to be back home though and I have slept like a baby in my own bed! 

In between catching up on my rest and errands, I may try to pull something old or new to work on.
The fistula surgery had to be rescheduled but that was fine since it is not a long wait. After I have recooped for several days, it is back the old grind! Time for several grocery orders, a few errands that were meant to be taken care of before now and of course, follow ups to doctors that saw me in the hospital. 
Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Robin in Virginia said...

Sherry, I am glad you are home from your hospital stay. Thinking of you.

Roberta said...

Sherry, I agree...It's so difficult to rest in the hospital bed!
Wishing you to recover soon!
La Sportina

marly said...

Glad you're home and comfortable. "One of those things" can be a mystery without answers and a relief when it's gone. And you are spot on about hospital beds. The recliner in the corner is more comfortable but patients aren't allowed to sleep in them. Typical isn't it! Rest!!!

jay said...

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