Saturday, June 19, 2021

Busy Week

 Grocery Day! I made my order last night and will pick it up later today. We have been having a good bit of rain but the humidity is what is making me miserable! I never cared much for the stuff but within the past 10 years or so, I stay inside away from it as much as possible.

I have the surgery on my fistula coming up on Monday. Now my arm and hand won't swell up so badly! I have to be there early and it is a two hour drive but I will be glad to have it over with. I have several more questions for him concerning my shoulder since the fistula is in the same arm as the bad shoulder.
I have been trying to stitch a little each day. My bad shoulder can only tolerate about 15 minutes at a time. I have been working on A Sister's Love by BBD recently. You know how I like to switch things up and make the stitch my own. I have decided how I am going to finish it but I will leave that as a surprise when I get further along. I did order Shepherd Sampler and am now wondering if this should be my infusion project

I am still working on family history. I just love finding new info on ancestors!
One of my doctors decided a second opinion concerning my shoulder was in order. My husband had been expressing this same thing. I had my second evaluation and yes, they also feel I need surgery but I found out that the nurse from place #1 had given me a LOT of wrong information concerning insurance. I don't know if she did this on purpose or if she actually believed it. Even though I really liked the dr. from the first place, I just really don't want to argue with that nurse again so I will probably stay with the second opinion place.
My love of cast iron cookware continues. I was able to pick up another skillet last week. Now we have 4 skillets and a dutch oven. Each one has it's own special purpose.The oldest skillet was one we got not long after we got married. While shopping for cast iron skillets, I decided it was time to update some other small appliances that were over 20 years old and had seen better days! A new food processor, juicer, electric skillet and griddle made their way home with me.

I got my second Covid vaccine so I am all taken care in that area now! The only side effect I had was an extremely sore arm!
Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Robin in Virginia said...

Sherry, I am glad you had a second opinion for your shoulder. Hope the surgery on the fistula goes smoothly. Thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Always wise to get a second opinion. The doctors here are so awful that most won't see you for a second opinion! It means a drive to El Paso. I wonder how you will finish your latest project? Evidently not a that leaves me guessing!