Friday, April 30, 2021

May is Here

 I can't believe it is almost May! And I haven't posted in almost a month! Where did the time go?

The first of the week was reserved for several dr. appointments and grocery shopping. Then I was house bound for the remainder of the week. We found a contractor to put in a walk way from the driveway around the back of house to the deck. Since my last fall, I stay away from the front steps and only use the back but it gets so muddy when it rains so this walk way will solve a lot of issues for us. Now I will have a nice dry path to the easy steps!

I went to the dr. about my shoulder. I have a dislocated shoulder.. I have consulted several other doctors because of other health issues that could affect this and they have all given me the green light as long as it is a minor surgery. 
I ordered some more threads. I needed the threads for Stacy Nash Rose Garden Sampler and others I never have enough of. I also ordered a few stitching aids, Seven Red Alphabets by Needlework Press plus several other charts and their threads. Some fabric from My Vintage Needlearts arrived. I am always thrilled to see a package from here.
While getting the last of my organizing taken care of, I came across an older chart that I wanted to do it but always opted to work on something else. Since it is a small design, I decided to add it into my WIP stack. Be who you are by Lizzie Kate. I am using the called for threads and stitching on 18 count Aida in Rustico.

Now I have a confession to make. People change. Well, so do stitchers. I can remember when I first began stitching, I would not dream of starting a new piece until I had finished the current one. Now I have piles of WIPs. When I first began stitching, I went totally by the pattern. No changes in colors or anything else. Now I like make the stitch my own. Also, when I first started, I liked the simple smaller stitches. Now I tend to go from medium size to BAP!
Part 2 of my confession. Whenever I stitch, my mind wanders to other pieces I want to work on. I am going to take the rest of this year (and probably into next year) to just work on ALL of these designs that keep creeping into my thoughts! Some will be new starts and some will be WIPs. I will probably only work on each one 2-3 days a month but I am in no hurry right now to finish up or frame anything. I just want to enjoy them all!
I have never participated in a StitchMaynia and really don't think I could handle the big numbers that people take on for this but I do have my own smaller list to concentrate on. I am not going to name any of the designs I have put aside for this because I may choose to do less (or maybe more). I will post pictures as I work on them though.
Brenda and Laura (Brenda and the Serial Starter on Flosstube) are going to have a BBD SAL beginning the first weekend in May. You can find it over at IG under #bbdweekendsal. I will be joining the fun and working on A Sisters Love from the Autumn Winds book by BBD.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Robin in Virginia said...

Sherry, it sounds like you have been kept busy with appointment, stitching thoughts, and a new sidewalk. I am sorry to hear of the dislocated shoulder, but glad you have been given the green light to get it repaired. Your stitching plans sound good. I am all for stitching what makes you happy. Happy May!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The walkway looks like a great idea to keep you safe!
I use Stitch Maynia as a chance to start lots of small designs by Just Nan. I have so many and it encourages me to stitch them.


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